10 Things I Think About When I’m Tied Up and Being Whipped

I’m not kinky — I’m just drawn that way.

Hey, did I leave the stove on?

10. I won­der if I can reach that buck­le with my left ha–OW!

9. OW! Dang! I wish she would­n’t wrap it around my side like th–OW!

8. OW! OW!!

7. Isn’t her arm tired y–OOOWWWW!!!

5. I won­der if she’ll ever untie me, because it–OW!!

4. Oh, wait — I think I missed num­ber 6 back th–OW!

3.75. Did I miss some­thing? OW! Oh, yeah — the safe­word is OOWWWW!!

2ish. …recal­i­brate the dilithi­um mod­u­la­tors and OWW?

Eleven­teen. I was going to say some­thing, but nOW! I for­get what… uh, what it takes to get to the cen­ter of a Toot­sie Pop?

Pota­to. Why am I lying on the floor?