Gag talk: The only true universal language.

…You Might Be Kinky

Hed­ley Lamarr knows where to fly his kinky flag.

Artisanal Cheese

Who is this Art guy, anyway?


Admit it: You would­n’t mind get­ting this all over your face.

Land of Rape and Honey

Maybe the SJWs have it right on this one.

Profile Cocky

Don’t wor­ry, ladies—next time I’ll write about The Pes­tif­er­ous Tunasnatch.

So Here’s the Problem

Don’t tweeze me, dude!

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From “Enter the Dragon”

Boards don’t hit back. Nei­ther does Bruce Lee: He hits first.

Balance and Wieners

The Oscar Mey­er Wiener­mo­bile: Will it blend? 

I. Am. A. Submissive!

What hap­pens when you attend a fetish event with a beau­ti­ful dom­i­nant woman? This.