It's a kink thing. You wouldn't understand.

I Take You for Granted — And That’s a Good Thing

I was not endowed by my Cre­ator with the inalien­able rights of life, lib­er­ty, the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness and a beau­ti­ful mis­tress to love and cher­ish me.

Laughing: The Most Fun You Can Have While Fucking

When we’re play­ing or hav­ing sex, Lily and I like to do some­thing that’s unusu­al, even in the fetish com­mu­ni­ty: We laugh. A lot.

Handle With Care

If this was a car, it would be a junker. Ready to be scrapped. It’s lit­tle. And it’s bro­ken. But it’s good. Well, I think so. I hope so.