Submissive. Sub dude. Not subdued.

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From “Enter the Dragon”

Boards don’t hit back. Nei­ther does Bruce Lee: He hits first.

Balance and Wieners

The Oscar Mey­er Wiener­mo­bile: Will it blend? 

Should You Send That D*** Pic?

Do it for your cun­try! I mean, country!

The Masochism Tango Tom Lehrer Would Have Written If He Could

Even Lehrer him­self could­n’t have got­ten away with this back in the 1950s.

Laughing: The Most Fun You Can Have While Fucking

When we’re play­ing or hav­ing sex, Lily and I like to do some­thing that’s unusu­al, even in the fetish com­mu­ni­ty: We laugh. A lot.

Mr. Stupidhead and The Alpha Cunt

It’s okay to be afraid. VERY afraid.

Top 7 Signs a FetLife Discussion Is Headed Downhill Fast

When they start fill­ing the water bal­loons with piss, it’s time to go home.