The Ultimate Pervertible?

Meet the Stinger Tac­ti­cal Whip: Per­fect for BDSMMA.

Meet the Stinger Tac­ti­cal Whip:  It’s just a cou­ple feet of steel cable sheathed in plas­tic, but I know from painful per­son­al expe­ri­ence how much this thing will hurt (click on the video down at the end and jump ahead to about 7:55 to see the guy take a mild stroke across the back with it, the welt it makes, and the way he winds up on the floor!).

Meet Mr. Loopy.

Lily and I have a sim­i­lar home­made toy: It’s a han­dle with two loops of plas­tic-sheathed cable. It’s nasty; with very lit­tle effort on Lily’s part, it leaves me cov­ered with U‑shaped bruis­es that make me look like I got tram­pled by a horse. I hate to think the dam­age either one would cause if you hit your vic­tim hard.

Stinger’s ver­sion sells for $39.99, which seems a bit high con­sid­er­ing it’s just a piece of cable with a han­dle. It does have a win­dow punch on the oth­er end of the han­dle, but that’s a fea­ture worth noth­ing if you want to do some impact play with this.

It’s a cool idea, but if you want one I’d rec­om­mend going to Home Depot and buy­ing a cou­ple feet of cable.