Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear When You’re Tied Up and Blindfolded

Is it too late to ask if we can switch?

10. “I thought YOU had the keys!”

9. “You’re not aller­gic to gin­ger, are you?”

8. “Hi, Mom! Guess you still have that front door key I gave you last year, huh?”

7. “Now that you’re tied up, it’s a good time to remind you this is a three-day weekend.”

6. “Wait here; I’m just gonna run over to Big R.”

5. “I for­get — how do I turn on the Web­cam again?”

4. “You can come on out now, Helga.”

3. “Before we get start­ed, I have a ques­tion about some­thing I found on your phone.”

2. “If you don’t stop clench­ing your butt cheeks this is NEVER going to fit.”

1. “Scoot over a lit­tle; you’re block­ing the floor drain.”